Are you a maker?

Create some virtual aquatic animals for Ocean Reef Life.

↓ Download Maker Kit Guidelines & FAQs →

Ever dreamed of getting your art into a real live game?

Well, now you can! Whether you are a student, professional artist, or a super-fan of our game… you can make a creature and contribute to the virtual oceans.

Mobile Spec

• Low-poly, 2k texture
• Simple swim animation
• FBX, OBJ, UnityAsset

Use Your Favorite
3D Tool Suite

• Use almost any 3d editor
• Download Unity or Blender FREE
• Search Youtube for Tutorials

See Examples
In MAKER kit

• Detailed specs & guidelines
• 3 sample creature from game
• Compensation and consent docs

SUBMIT Your creature!

Once you have created your creature to spec and are happy with it, submit it to us and we’ll take a look and get back to you!

Note: We recommend checking your asset in the Unity engine.

I consent to the commercial use of my submitted and uploaded digital artwork to be evaluated for inclusion into the game Ocean Reef Life by Superheart Studios Inc.
I permit modifications and commercial use of my submitted art, as animated 3d models and textures, if selected to be included in the game by the Maker program. I agree to the Maker Submitted Artwork Consent Agreement.