Updated: 2/9/2019

Getting Started Advanced Gameplay Account & Profile

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Getting Started

You start out Ocean Reef Life with a couple fish on Level 1. As you collect hearts and add more fish, your will gain XP and level up. Read below to learn more about how to play the game.

1. Your Reef

Your reef is where your marine creatures live and where you spend most of the game. We’ll go through the UI and explain the basics of managing your reef in this section, and more details can be found in the later specific sections. In the default camera mode, you are free to control where to go in your reef by swiping with one finger to move, two-fingers to rotate, and pinching in/out and zoom. You can tap on just about any UI menu, so don’t be shy. You can select a creature just by tapping it as its swimming on your screen. If you see parts of the UI disappear, it will hide after some idle time so you can better observe your creatures, just tap the screen and the UI will re-appear.

1.1 User Profile with Level & XP

Your User Profile is at the top left corner. You can see your Level and XP, and the XP bar will fill up the close you get to leveling up. You’ll also notice your username and user photo. By tapping on it, you can go to the User Profile menu where you can update your username and photo. You’ll learn more about the User Profile later. Next to your profile you will see your leaderboard rank, which is based on XP. As you play the game and level up, you’ll rise in the rankings. Tapping on it will go the Leaderboard page. Under your profile is a few quick access buttons for Goals, Messages, and Screenshot.

1.2 Hearts & Pearls Bank

Your virtual currency bank is shown in the top right corner. Hearts are the common currency your creatures will produce for you to collect and spend to do most actions in the game. Pearls are the special currency. We’ll go over these in detail below in the Hearts & Pearls section. Tapping on them will take you to the Store view to purchase or trade-in Pearls.

1.3 Reef Capacity & Expand

Your reef capacity is under your Hearts and Pearls bank in the top right, shown as “Creature Count / Reef Capacity”. You will start with a capacity of 10 creatures, and each creature in your reef will count as one unit. You will also need a unit to breed a new creature. You expand your reef with Pearls anytime, and up to 100 creatures!

1.4 Bonus, Reward, Reef Health

In the top middle, you will see some colorful meters. The first two are your Bonus and Reward meters, and the third is your Reef Health meter. They are also buttons as well, so try tapping them. We will explain more on these later.

1.5 Main Quick Actions

The right-side buttons give quick access to the Shop, Marketplace, and Feeding. The badges help notify you how many new creatures are in the Shop and how many are in the Marketplace pool.

1.6 Home Menu, Reef Navigation, Creature List, Camera View

In the bottom right, your will see some icon buttons. These are useful buttons that help you navigate your reef. From the right, is the Home menu, Creature list, Next and Previous creature, and Camera mode toggle. You can tap on a creatures swimming by anytime to select it. However, the creature list can be the best way to find one of your creatures or collect hearts quickly by tapping on the H. The Previous and Next buttons are also a very easy way to navigate through selecting your creatures.

1.7 Creature Selection

Once you have selected a creature, it will be locked in focus on screen and the creatures info will be visible in the bottom left. You will see the species, name, hearts production, happiness, and action buttons. We’ll explain these in depth in the Marine Creatures section. You can collect Hearts your selected creature has produced by tapping it, or also tapping the Heart production meter in the creature info.

1.8 Home Menu

Tapping on that bottom right corner navigation menu Home button will bring you to the Home menu where you can also easily access all other menus, including Settings. ↑ Back to Top

2. Hearts & Pearls

Hearts and Pearls are the two virtual currencies. Hearts is what you collect and spend throughout the game to grow your reef such as buying creatures, feeding, and breeding. With Pearls, you can acquire special creatures, speed grow and breed, restore reef health, and expand your reef. You will earn Pearls as you play, or purchase them from the store anytime.

2.1 All About Hearts

Hearts is the common virtual currency and is collected from all marine creatures. It is used for purchasing creatures, breeding, and feeding. Always keep collecting hearts, because you’ll need them to buy and breed new creatures and to feed your creatures to keep them happy.

2.2 Premium Currency of Pearls

Once you have selected a creature, it will be locked in focus on screen and the creatures info will be visible in the bottom left. You will see the species, name, hearts production, happiness, and action buttons. We’ll explain these in depth in the Marine Creatures section. You can collect Hearts your selected creature has produced by tapping it, or also tapping the Heart production meter in the creature info.

2.2 How to Get Pearls

The easiest way to get a bunch of Pearls is to go to the Store (tap your bank in the top-right corner) and purchase pearls with an in-app purchase. You’ll receive you pearls immediately once payment is processed by iTunes. There are a few ways to get Pearls without buying them. 1) At each Level-up, you will earn some Pearls. 2) You can earn a few Pearls each day from completing Rewarded Demos/Ads from our sponsors. 3) You can win Pearls on the Bonus Wheel spins, if you are lucky! 4) You can find the Clam in your reef and collect the bonus Pearl.

2.2 Trading Pearls for Hearts

You can’t buy Pearls for Hearts, you must buy them from the Store with in-app purchase or through earn them by leveling up or from Rewards Bonus Wheel, Rewarded Demos/Ads, and Find the Clam. ↑ Back to Top

3. Levels & XP

You unlock new marine creatures, new goals, higher rewards each time you level up. Your level is based your XP, or experience points, which you earn for doing actions in the game like collecting hearts and spending hearts.

3.1 Earning XP

You earn XP anytime you collect hearts, buys fish, breed fish, spend hearts, spend pearls, discover new marine creatures, bonus rewards, and completing goals. There are many game actions which contribute to your increase in XP. Just keep playing and collecting hearts and you’ll keep earning XP!

3.2 Leveling Up

Your XP amount will define your level. As you earn XP, you will level up. As you level up, it will get harder to level up next time, requiring more and more XP. Your XP bar will fill up as you approach the next level up. Once you level up, you will receive Pearls and you will unlock new marine creatures and goals. By Discovering creatures and completing Goals, you can gain large XP rewards to help you level up. ↑ Back to Top

4. Marine Creatures

The marine creatures are the focus of the game. You’ll buy new creatures you unlock from the Shop or Marketplace, then you collect hearts, breed and grow them, and then ultimately sell them making tons of hearts and XP along the way. You’ll need to keep you creatures happy by caring for them and feeding them, so they stay looking healthy and producing hearts efficiently. You’ll get extra rewards for discovering new creatures and you’ll need a breed-able pair to breed. Which creatures you buy, how you breed and when you sell them is up to you! Can you have the coolest reef and get to the top of the leaderboard?

4.1 Intro on Marine Creatures

There are 40+ marine creatures to unlock, and new creatures are constantly added. Each species or creature belong to a genus or family group and has different statistics. They will have different heart production rates, heart storage capacity, happiness decay ratel food types, grow time, breed cost and time, and sell prices. Larger creatures are more expensive and store many more hearts than smaller creatures, which usually produce hearts faster. Creatures unlocked at higher levels, particularly special species, can be sold for more.

4.2 Species Discovery

One of the purposes of the game is to unlock and discover all the marine creatures. Each level will unlock a few new species of creatures which can be purchased in the Shop. Some special, rare, or exclusive creatures require hearts to purchase, and can be limited in quantity. Each time you add a new species to your reef, you will Discover it and receive an XP reward. You can see all the creatures you have discovered and have yet to discover in the Discovery page.

4.2 Baby Growth to Adult

When buying creatures from the shop, or when a newborn creature is bred, it will be a small baby and will swim with the parents. It will take time for the creature to grow depending on the species. It make take a few minutes, several hours, or even days for creatures to grow. Creatures will not produce hearts until they have become adults. You can spend Pearls to speed-grow a creature instantly to an adult if you do not want to wait.

4.3 Heart Production, Collection, and Happiness

Once your creature is an adult, it will produce heart for you to collect. Each species will have different heart production properties, with different rates and capacities. Larger creatures will produce hearts slower but have very large capacities, whereas smaller fish will produce faster with lower capacities. ↑ Back to Top

5. Rewards

5.1 Engagement Bonus Wheel

You can earn rewards multiple times a day with the Bonus Wheel. When your free spin is ready, you can spin the wheel to earn a reward of Hearts, XP, or even Pearls if you are luck. You can buy more spins with Pearls if you are feeling extra lucky. Spin the wheel as much as you can to rack up rewards!

5.2 Rewarded Demos

You can play Demos and watch video ads from our sponsored ad partners in exchange for Hearts and Pearls rewards. Each day you will be able to earn some pearls and unlimited hearts. This is a great way to earn free pearls and save them up.

5.3 Find the Clam for a Pearl

You can also look for the Clam in your reef, which produced pearls and is somewhere in your reef for you to find! It’s not easy to find, but if you spot it on the ground or on a rock, zoom in on it and tap it! You will collect the pearl reward and can look for the Clam again! If you are good at finding the Clam, you can collect many pearls a day! ↑ Back to Top

6. Buying

6.1 Buying Creatures from the Shop

In the Shop you can see all the available marine creatures for sale, which is most of the Marine creatures in the game. You can page through all of them, browse by genus or family, and use the filter to only see what you can buy. When you buys a creature, it will be a baby and must first grow to an adult before it can producing hearts, breed, or be sold. You can buy any creature you have unlocked at your current level in the Shop, given that is not sold out and you can afford it. If you see a lock icon, it means you have yet to unlock that species. Some rare and exclusive species may be limited in quantity, showing the stock quantity, and may sell out. But keep checking back to see if they re-stocked. On the Shop button in your reef you may see a badge with a number notifying you of how many fish you have unlocked but not yet discovered. In the Shop you will see a new discovery icon on these creatures. Buy them and you will Discover that species and receive the discovery reward.

6.2 Buying From the Marketplace

The Marketplace is where you buy fish that have been placed for sale by other players. You will see creatures for sale by other players, at their selected price. You can still only see and buy creatures that available at your current level. All the creatures sold in the Marketplace are already adults, since they must be adults to be sold, so they do not need to grow. You will see a random selection of the creatures currently for sale each time you refresh and are listed sale for a limited time only, so be sure to buy chat you’re looking for when you see it! ↑ Back to Top

7. Selling

7.1 Selling On the Marketplace

When you sell a creature from your reef, you select a price in Hearts from a range and the creature is placed on the Marketplace for the other players to find and buy from you. It will be listed on the Marketplace for a period of time, and hopefully a player will buy it from you. When a creature is for sale, it will not produce hearts to be collected. Selling on the Marketplace is not easy, especially if the price is high and the creature is common.

7.2 Speed Sell for Pearls

If you really want to sell to get rid of your creature to make room for others in your reef, you should probably speed sell it. This may cost you pearls, but will sell your creature immediately. Depending on the species, this may produce a profit, but be sure to check the sell price and cost. ↑ Back to Top

8. Breeding

8.1 Breeding New Creatures

When you have two adult creatures of the same species, you can breed them to create a new baby! Select a creature which is an adult and not for sale in the market, and tap the Breed action button. You will see a list of the possible breeding partners which you can scroll and select each species with a breed cost in Hearts. Once you begin breeding, you will see the breed time for that breeding pair. Once you begin breeding, you must wait for it complete. Your creatures will swim together and will auto-collect hearts while breeding, so its the best way to grow your reef!

8.2 Special Breeding Pairs

Sometimes you will birth special creatures. Certain creatures of the same or different species, but usually the same family, can breed and produce different and rare exclusive creatures. Depending on the special breed chance, these can be common or very rare. ↑ Back to Top

9. Goals

9.1 Goals

You can earn rewards, mostly XP, but completing goals. You will unlock Goals every level. Goals are just missions for the user to complete that include doing game actions a certain number of times, or having certain creatures in your reef. Some may be easy, other are more difficult and may offer additional Pearls rewards. Goals will become more challenging as you level up, but will provide large XP rewards to help you level up further. New goals will be added periodically, so keep checking.

9.2 Accessing Goals

You can access the Goals view from the Main Menu, or within your reef view in with the Goals window using the Goals icon button in the right menu. The Goals view from the Main Menu will let you see you unlocked and completed goals and progress in a fuller view. When tapping the Goals icon button in the right menu, it will toggle the Goals window on the left side with the Reef King, where you can browser through your unlocked Goals and Check completion. You can close the window by tapping the Goals button again or the close window button.

9.3 Completing Goals

Some goals are checked and achieved automatically when completed, while some require you to tap the Check button to try check for Goal completion. When tapping the Check button, you will see your progress to that goal in the popup if you have no yet achieved it. Once you have, you will receive you the rewards and have completed that goal. You can view your completed goals in the Main Menu Goals view. ↑ Back to Top

10. Find the Clam

10.1 Finding Clam For Pearl Rewards

One way to earl Pearls is to find the hidden Clam in your reef. It is not an easy task, but if you check the rocks and the ground, you will find a light pink clam randomly place in your reef. You may not notice it unless you look carefully. When you find it, zoom in close and tap the Clam! The Clam will open and reveal your Pearl reward! You can find several Clams in your reef each day so it is a great way to earn additional Pearls! ↑ Back to Top

11. Your Profile

11.1 User Profile

Every user has a Profile, which by default when you start out will be an auto-generated thumbnail and a username like User12345. You can access the user profile view anytime by tapping on your user info that will always be on the top-left, where you see your username, thumbnail image, rank, level, and XP meter. The User profile page lets you customize your user, enter your email, shows your location, shows your login code, and links to your wiki profile. You can also invite friends to install and play the game, or connect to Facebook to search for your friends that are playing.

11.2 Customize User

You can update your username and image from the User Profile view, just tap to edit. We also recommend you sync your email address so you can recover your login code and ability to load an existing game.

11.3 Your Global Rank

Above your user image thumbnail, your see a black bar with a trophy icon and a number. This is your global user rank, which is based on who has amounted the most XP among all the users around the world. ↑ Back to Top

12. Leaderboard & Visiting

12.1 The Leaderboard

You can view the top players and your ranks in the Leaders view. From the Leaderboard, you can see where you rank as well as engage with other players. You can filter by Global, Country, or Local city. Tap on a user to choose to visit their reef, follow them, or send them a message.

12.2 Visiting Reefs

You can visit other users reef, where you can explore their reef and view their creatures. From the Leaderboard view, tap on a users, and tap on the dive icon button to visit their reef. Once your are visiting another user’s reefs, you visit other reefs or return to your reef by tapping on the top control buttons. ↑ Back to Top

13. Store & Purchases

13.1 Purchasing Pearls

Pearls are our premium game currency and needed to do speed-ups, expand reef, and buy special and exclusive creatures. These are in-app purchases power by iTunes on iOS Apple App Store, and Google Play on the Android Play Store. You will need to authenticate with your account to complete a purchase and we never receive any of your financial information.

13.2 Trading Pearls for Hearts

You can convert Pearls into hearts in the shop. If you need hearts, you can buy Pearls anytime and convert them to hearts. You must trade in 1 Pearl at a time. The Pearls to Hearts exchange rate is subject to change.

13.3 Refunds Inquiry

Purchases are processed by iTunes and Google play as mentioned above. On iTunes, read Request a refund for an App Store or iTunes Store purchase. For Google Play, see Get a refund on Google Play. ↑ Back to Top

14. Loading/New Game

14.1 Game Auto-Saves Online

Your user profile and game data is also synced on our game servers. When you launch the game, we authenticate your user and game data, download any necessary assets, and load your reef. If your user or game fails to load properly, report the problem to our support team.

14.2 Logging In/Out

Every time you launch the game, you will continue where you left off. But you may want to restart your game, or play on multiple devices, or a continue your game on a new device. First make sure to sync your email address and write down your login code. From the profile menu, you can log out of your current game and restart. Then, when restarting, you can enter your code, or have it sent to your email, that will load you existing user and game.

14.3 Account Support

Your game data is never deleted, so don’t worry if you ever get disconnected from your game on your device because of an error or if you deleted the game and re-installed. Contact our Support and we will help you to restore your game. ↑ Back to Top

15. Wiki, Community, Forum

15.1 Game Wiki

We have a official in-game Wiki, which you are in right now. You can access the rest of the wiki from the Main Menu button in the top left corner. In the Wiki, you can learn how to play, follow up on the latest game news and announcement, keep up with the community, and reach out to us for support or feedback. The game’s main menu buttons jump to News, Activity, Forum, and Support accordingly.

15.2 Support

The Support button can be located in the game’s main menu, as well as the Wiki main menu. From there you can view F.A.Q. page, our Privacy Policy, and contact us to ask questions or report bugs. You can also contact our support team anytime by just emailing Please include your game username so we can trace our user account to help. We are also available via chat here and on the support pages with the floating chat button on the bottom right.

15.3 Help on How To Play

If you are reading this, then you have found how to find the “How To Play” guide. This is a general guide on How to Play the game. You can also learn how to play from the community forum, as well as online via reviews and videos.

15.4 Community

The Community pages give players a play to share and communicate with each other. You must be in the game to access the community pages. You can access the community pages from the games menu via Activity and Forum.

15.5 My Wiki Profile

You can access your wiki profile in your reef User Profile page. This is where you can see your messages, posts, etc.

15.6 News

You can follow up on the latest game news and updates, from version updates and new features to newly added reef creatures and goals.