Below are some common questions and answers the solves many of our players issues.

1. My game is not loading my reef. Can you help?

Sometimes our servers have hiccups, but if this problem does not go away after trying again then there may be a problem. One solution is to delete the app and re-install it. This can fix issues if something got corrupted within your app for some reason. Your game is always saved on our game servers so it should reload back up once re-installing. If you have any issues, you can alway contact support and our team with help you. We are always working on finding and fixing bugs, so please do let us know if this happened to you by emailing so we can help you.

2. If I delete the app on my device, will I lose my game?

No, you should not lose any progress in your game. While playing, we save your game progress to our cloud servers automatically. Your data is associated with your device, and your Gamecenter account (if enabled and allowed, we recommend it) so it will not be deleted if the app is deleted.

3. How do I play my game on a new or other device?

You can play your game on any device, you will just need to login. The game uses a login code system to log you into your devices. There is no limit to how many devices you can play on. The device continue to will remember and automatically load the last game that was played on it.

You will need to get your account login passcode, then login to your existing game with it on the other device. You can see step-by-step instructions here on How To Load an Existing Game.

4. How do I buy Pearls?

You can buy pearls in the store with mobile in-app purchases. You will be required to confirm with a password. Once you complete the purchase, you will receive your pearls instantly. It may take some time to receive your email receipt from iTunes. If you have entered in your email address in your account profile, we will email you an immediate receipt from our records.

5. Do I need to buy Pearls to play?

Pearls are NOT required to play the game. Pearls are special in-game currency that can be used for many things, like speeding up wait times and buying exclusive marine creatures. You will need pearls in order to acquire all special items and creatures. Players do earn pearls within the game for certain actions, such as leveling up, inviting new players, or watching opt-in video ads.

6. How do I update my username and photo?

Every new user gets a generic username with a random profile image (thanks to to start out. But you can update your username and photo at any time. Just tap on your user name and photo in the top left corner of the screen, then just tap on your username or picture on the Profile screen to update it. Your username should be unique because no two players can have the same username.

7. How do I get on the leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is a list of the top players in the game based on your XP score. All users are on the Leaderboard, including you, but you may not be top ranked. Tap the “My Rank” button on the bottom left corner and you’ll see yourself on the leaderboard. You can switch to seeing the top players and yourself, and explore from there.

8. How do you know my location?

We don’t know your precise location, we just know what location your IP address is telling us. We lookup your IP address location when you play the game for the first time (provider: This location includes country, region, and city and can be inaccurate when not connected via cellular versus on wifi. You can correct or update your location by refreshing or entering it on your user profile anytime. Your location is displayed with your player profile, with your country flag. You can disable displaying your location from the game settings.